A La Carte Travel Insurance - Only pay for the medical conditions you have


  • COVID-19 Coverage (see details below)
  • NEW this season: A 90 day pre-existing condition stability period applies
  • Payment plan option available on some policies.
  • Up to $5,000,000 of Coverage for emergency medical services not related to COVID-19
  • Available up to Age 94
  • One Simple Rate Table
  • Annual Multi-Trip plans include coverage for trips in Canada (outside your province or territory)
  • Annual Multi-Trip plans available up to 62 days per trip for most ages
  • Many deductible options: Zero, US$50, US$250, US$500, US$1,000, US$5,000 and US$10,000
  • 1 Month Stability Option if you had a recent medication change
  • Major Event Return Home benefit now included with your Single Trip Plan or Annual Multi-Trip Plan policy
  • We accept cancellations and early return refund requests via telephone, mail, email or fax
  • Direct Payment to Hospitals and other providers where possible
  • No Top-up Fee


A La Carte Travel Insurance provides up to $5,000,000 of COVID-19 coverage if you are fully COVID-19 vaccinated as defined below. This also includes $2500 (maximum $200 per day) for COVID-19 related expenses due to quarantine from a positive COVID-19 test outside of Canada.

Should you want a lower maximum limit for COVID-19 coverage, we offer a limit of $100,000 for testing, outpatient services and doctor's office/clinic visits (does not cover inpatient services). You will save 5% of your premium if you choose this option.

COVID-19 coverage is included for cruises provided you are fully COVID-19 vaccinated.

If you are not fully COVID-19 vaccinated as defined below, you will have a maximum limit for COVID-19 coverage of $50,000. This will be for testing, outpatient services and doctor's office/clinic visits (does not cover inpatient services).

Fully COVID-19 vaccinated: means at least two weeks prior to your departure date, you have had the second shot of a Canadian government approved 2-dose COVID-19 vaccine, or the single shot of a Canadian government approved single-dose COVID-19 vaccine. Proof of vaccination(s) is required at claim time if requested.

NOTE: For emergency medical services not related to COVID-19, the maximum coverage limit is $5,000,000.

Basic Emergency Medical Coverage

Basic Emergency Medical Coverage Includes Amounts Up To:

  • COVID-19 Coverage, if fully COVID-19 vaccinated

  • If not fully COVID-19 vaccinated, COVID-19 Coverage (does not cover inpatient services)

  • Emergency Paramedical/Professional Services
    $250 per practitioner

  • Emergency Ambulance Transportation
    Eligible expense

  • Emergency Dental Due to an Accidental Blow to the Mouth

  • Emergency Relief of Dental Pain

  • Removal of a Cast or Stitches after an Emergency

  • Child Return under your care
    Eligible expenses

  • Vehicle Return

  • Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation
    Eligible expenses

  • Major Event Return Home

  • Subsistence Allowance
    $1,500 per person

  • Expenses Related to your Death
    $5,000 per person

  • Bedside Companion Travel
    Eligible expenses

  • 24 Hour Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance
  • NOTE: All premiums, benefits, and maximum amounts payable are quoted in Canadian dollars unless otherwise specified. All deductibles are in US dollars (US$) and apply to each claim occurrence.
    See the policy for full details.

Basic Emergency Medical Coverage applies to Annual Multi-Trip Plans (8 Day, 16 Day, 32 Day and 62 Day options).

Deductible Choices (Optional)

The policy has a US$50 deductible per claim. You have the option to change your deductible to ZERO, US$250, US$500, US$1,000, US$5,000, or US$10,000.

Buy down your Pre-Existing Condition Clause (Optional)

The pre-existing condition stability period is 90 days prior to any departure date.

If you had a replacement, elimination or an increase/decrease in dosage or frequency of a medication that was prescribed more than 90 days prior to your departure date, you can reduce the stability period for the medical condition that the medication treats to 1 month prior to any departure date.

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